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Hey there!

Liz Tomey here again...

First off thanks for your purchase! An email was just sent to you with the download link to access everything.

You just made a great decision in getting this massive PLR package and although there's a ton of different ways to use it the quickest way to start making money with it is to have it all setup and ready to start making you money!


Getting domain names, and hosting, and editing the sales page, and the download page, and adding your order button, and automating the delivery process, and setting up the squeeze page, and the emails, etc can take FOREVER!

I've put together a small team that does all of this for you for ALL for everything in this package!

We will take the entire Blog Profits Masterclass PLR package and set it up for you.

You simply provide us with the domain name of your choice and we will...

1. Take your optin page and set it up so you can start building a list of people who are interested in making money with a blog! We will incorporate your optin form and everything for you!

2. Take your monetized download page and set it up for you so that when someone gets on your list they get your free offer. This will automatically be done for you and will be totally seamless. As soon as you customer opts-in they will be dropped right on your monetized download page. This is the FIRST way this package makes you money.

3. Take all of your follow up emails for your list building system, edit them with YOUR information, and upload them into your autoresponder. By doing this every single person who gets on your list will start getting emails that offer your product (Blog Profits Masterclass) to them. This is the SECOND way this package makes you money.

At this point you will have a complete AUTOMATED list building system that all you have to do is drive traffic to. And don't worry I'll teach you how to get traffic to. More on that in a minute.

And we're not stopping there! We will also...

4. Take your sales page for the Blog Profits Masterclass edit it with your information and add your order button so you can start making money with this product!

5. Edit the download page with your information and setup your download links to automatically be delivered to your customers! This will all be totally automated.

6. Set everything up so that customers are added to your list when they purchase. (This builds you a list of BUYERS!)

7. Set everything up so that you can have an affiliate program for the Blog Profits Masterclass and get affiliates to promote your product for you!

Literally everything you need to have ALL of these products setup and ready to make you money is included!

You don't even have to deal with hosting...

We will give you one free year of hosting, so all you have to do is give us a domain name you want to use and we take care of the rest!

Once we are done you will have a ready to go list building system AND your very own product that you can start selling and making money with!

I'm STILL not stopping there though...

Not Only Will I Do The Setup For You, But I'll Also Show You How To Make Money Once Everything Is Setup!

Along with your setup service purchase, you'll also get access to the Product Empire Coaching Program.

With this coaching program you will get access to the member's coaching area where you will have access to all the training about how your new product is setup, how to access them all, and much more!

You'll also be able to attend weekly webinars where you can get my personal help with anything you need related to your business. That's me LIVE right there on your computer helping you with anything you need!

I'll show you how to market all your products and there's even an entire section devoted to teaching you to get traffic so you can start making money right away!

It's Time To Get Started Right Now!

Okay so if you want to have this entire system all setup and ready to start making you money, AND get me as your personal coach AND access to the Product Empire Coaching Program then make sure and click on the order button below and grab one of the limited spots.

You'll pay a ONE TIME fee of just $97 (or our split pay option) and that covers EVERYTHING!

No other hidden charges or fees. You pay the one time fee and we do all the work for you...


There's now only 25 11 setup service spots left, so make sure and grab your spot now by clicking on the order button below!

1 Pay Option:
One Time Fee Of $97

2 Pay Option:
Two Monthly Payments Of $49

Blog Profits Master Class PLR Package Install Service Blog Profits Master Class PLR Package Install Service (2 Pay)